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Arana Boa

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About Me

In Januaery 2010, I had a "mild" stroke in RL.  It could have been SO MUCH worse!  It has left me with a bit of trouble using my left hand and foot, and some odd vision effects which are occasionally entertaining but more often frustrating.  I like to believe that I am still friendly and patient, but I may be a little less tolwerant of nonsense than formerly....

I began life in SL as a very minor deity, whose assignment was to attempt to grant wishes made in her hearing.  Being on a freebie account, this sometimes required creative improvisation....  To this day, I have earned in-world every linden that I have spent.

I got something like the usual volume of annoying naked guy come-ons, and gradually my wardrobe tended more and more toward black and leather or denim, which I thought of as my "don't hit on me right now" outfit.  In retrospect, this probably didn't work.  I also acquired a "Goddess" tag from somewhere which I felt went with my chosen mission in SL.  (The "Goddess" tag you'll often see me wearing these days comes from my own group....)

I've made a few thousand lindens doing photography in SL, mostly profile pictures but also promotional shots for some entertainers -- dancers, escorts, DJs.  I don't currently have a studio rezzed anywhere; my home is in a members-only sim, so it's not really suitable.

One day, a young woman, new to SL, came into the Shelter.  She was a submissive, and one of the things she wished to find in SL was a domme (Mistress, dominant woman).  She saw me dancing there -- tall, dressed in black leather, tagged "Goddess" -- and thought she had found the domme she sought.  We started to IM.  I realized that I was capable of being what she needed -- and that I wanted to.  We exchanged friendship.  And SL crashed on my PC.

I don't recall details, but it took two days for me to get online, by which time she had found some other Mistress to submit to.  We did stay friends -- we went on to jointly found and operate a small chain of stores selling men's clothes and "toys for boys", which has not survived, although we were managing to cover our rent for a long time when other stores around us were failing.

Meanwhile, I pursued the delights of SL BDSM with a variety of submissives and friends.  Having figured out how and why I enjoyed it -- and how badly many others were missing the point of it! -- when I heard about a BDSM school that some friends of friends were opening, I auditioned for a faculty position and got it.  I only found out later about the profit-sharing plan -- I would have done it for free.

I usually spent anywhere from 20% to 50% of my online time at the Shelter, often behaving like a volunteer but never one officially.  I won some nice outfits and sometimes a bit of cash at Trivial Obsession, and got pretty good at Second Fortune as well.

I finally officially became a volunteer when started hosting Second Fortune -- Fridays at noon, folks, except when it's on Thursday because of a schedule conflict!

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